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You want to know how to do what?

So you found me.

Here’s where I’ll be stashing tutorials (print and video) on a bunch of things related to productivity, tools of the storytelling trade, and storytelling itself.   

The library is just getting started so check back from time to time. Or, if you want to be notified when something new jumps off, fill out the form below.

If you find something useful, indulge yourself. If you want training or consultation on something that’s not yet in the library, or you do better with a little one-on-one, and let’s chat over coffee, tea, or some other beverage.

It’s Better to Know how to learn …

I anticipate adding a tutorial weekly. That’s cool for folks who just want quick answers to things. Which button to press, which setting to disable. Which option to choose. 

But some people really like to know WHY things work. I get asked “how did I get so smart.” I got asked this morning when solving a tech problem for a neighbor. Fact is, I’m not really that smart. My brain is just insatiable and I feed it all the time. Some things I remember, some things not so much. But the things that get lodged are often the things that I pursued with the question “WHY”, after I got the answer to WHAT and HOW. If that’s cool to you, feel free to hang out with me in the MARGINS when I get that room built.

… Than to know!

– Dr. Seuss



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Do you even know what you have?

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Plan. Then build.

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Push your brain. Then press the buttons.

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Is that subtle?

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